Our 2022 Summer tour to Germany

Video clips from our ride from home to the International Tandem Rally at Tecklenburg, near Osnabrück, Germany, a week there cycling with The Tandem Club, then our return trip.

In all we covered just over 1,000 miles and were away from home for 28 days. To avoid cycling through London, the most direct route to Harwich from home, we headed north first, almost to Milton Keynes, then turned right and headed east, across the country. Along the way we collected BCQs (British Cycle Quest). We did the same on our return journey, but a little further south.

In The Netherlands we followed routes suggested by a Tandem Club member who lives there, and as we all know, local knowledge counts for a lot. Some days were too hot to be honest, but we only had two days rain, and on one of those we chose to take a rest – it was the day before we started heading home.


Photos, maps and words here.