LEJOG 2012 – Getting to Penzance

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Setting off from home we headed for our nearest and easiest to get to rail station – Mortimer. It was a bit odd that one or two drivers tooted us as we left Tadley, though I didn’t recognise the cars. Once at Mortimer, we offloaded the bags from the bike. The train tuned up… just a local branch service and we jammed the bike into the vestibule of the last entrance to the last carriage. It was a tight squeeze and I’m sure the conductor would have refused us entry had she been in the same carriage, but by the time she turned up we were moving, so a dirty look was all she could muster.

Waiting at Mortimer Station for the connection to Reading.
Tight squeeze but it was only a few stops.

At Reading Station we manhandled the bike and bags into the lift to get to our platform. We had reserved a bike space and seats well in advance and the station staff showed us where the carriage with cycle storage was likely to stop. The mystery of the tooting cars was solved too, as a chap came up to us and asked if we were Karon and Bob… we’d been mentioned on the radio that morning.

Once on board, the journey to Penzance was uneventful. In the cycle storage bay I shifted a couple of solos so the Pino was furthest in as it took up the full width of the compartment and would have obstructed others anywhere else.

We arrived at Penzance with loads of time to find our B&B and then go for a wander with our painting kits.

St Michael’s Mount, by Karon…
…and Bob.

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