Thank you

After arriving at JOG, we took the following day – a Sunday – off. It felt a bit strange having breakfast then wondering what to do, rather than load up, mount up and push off. We walked the half mile down to the harbour area and took another look inside the ‘First and Last’ kiosk, had a coffee then wandered around the rest of the little businesses that have sprung up around this landmark. Back at the Seaview we had lunch then sat in the bar for much of the afternoon, catching up on blogs and writing cards etc.

Monday we were up and breakfasted early to take a day trip to the Orkney Islands. As we walked along the harbour wall for the ferry, we were treated to the sight of a small pod of killer whales close to shore. They were in no hurry and the ferry crew almost had to pull the passengers onboard as they stood and watched with cameras clicking away. The trip around the Orkneys was a good day out and one worth doing if you have a day after arriving at JOG. On the way back, we met the whales again, though they were well away from the shore by now.


Tuesday was the start of our ride/drive home. We had arranged for us and The Beast to be collected by John O’ Groats Bike Transport along with another tandem couple and a solo rider. JOG transport arrived with a VW minibus and big covered trailer to ferry us all back to Inverness. We were going to split the Beast (a useful feature) and stick it in the back of a hire car to drive home, while the others were catching trains. The bike transport company would clean up their bikes then courier them home to save them having to squeeze them onto trains. We drove home over a couple of days, calling in to see one of Karon’s cousins and my sister, with whom we’d left some stuff we weren’t using on the way up.

So, we’re all done and back home now. There’s loads of emails and post to go through. All the gear we took with us needs sorting and washing (several times!) too.

A big thank you to everyone who donated to Arthritis Research UK. We currently stand at around £900 but maybe, with a few more donations, we’ll make the £1000.

In the coming days I’ll create a gallery page and post some photo’s of our trip and I’ll put in a link to some YouTube clips from the little video camera we took.