We’ve still to ride the Hase fully loaded but were are off to Gargrave in North Yorkshire on Friday afternoon so may take the opportunity to try it there.

the Arkel recumbent bags and Ortlieb rolltops

JD Tandems are hosting a social weekend 28th-29th April – some led rides and treasure hunts. I suggested to Karon we pack all our stuff into the panniers instead of taking weekend bags and we can give it a try loaded up so it doesn’t come as too much of a shock when we eventually have to do it for real. Riding there will be good too as it’s far from flat!

The following weekend we’re heading south to the Isle of Wight for the ‘Round the Island’ Randonée. This is a real test at 60+ miles and a lot of climbing!

After that it’ll only be a few weeks and we’ll be off to Penzance. Karon’s said several times she just wants to get on with it and I’m inclined to agree, though we’re both praying the weather will improve. Don’t mind the odd wet day but really don’t want to spend the whole 1,000 miles getting soaked!