Penzance to Gweek

Eggs Benedict for brekky. Headed away from our B&B and into town to find a Vodafone Shop in the vain hope they could do something with my iPhone. Backlight doesn’t work after the soaking (inside supposedly waterproof pocket in my Endura top). Map reading is now tricky unless there’s strong sunlight (hint, hint).
Redirected to Apple dealer, who could not repair it but did back it all up to my iCloud account so if/when I replace the sick one, I’ll have all our maps and routes.
Had to wait an hour or so for the back-up, so found a nearby cafe and sat in the sun finishing sketches from Mousehole harbour.

Mousehole Harbour. After a soaking on the way to Land’s End, on the way back, the weather improved to the point where we could sit and sketch.

Left Penzance around 11, starting with a very pleasant ride along the edge of the beach with stunning views of St Michael’s Mount. Long climb out of the bay but all ‘do-able’.
Tried to find a pub for lunch around 1.00pm. Came across two, both closed weekday lunchtimes! Luckily came across a little tea shop run by old couple. “two cream teas my lover?” “there you go my sweetheart”. Mmmmmmmmm.

Helton had a couple of nasty climbs. We made the first – granny ring working overtime down here – would have cleared the second but for traffic lights against us – hill starts are tricky, so we walked the rest.

Nice B&B in Gweek 50 yards from pub. The rain never did materialise and we had a good day out on the bike. It’s now the morning of our ‘To the Lizard and back’ ride and even I, with my crappy hearing can hear the rain sweeping across the roof of our B&B.
Looks like its going to be another wet day in the saddle.