Penicuik to Edinburgh

What’s the first line of that Supertramp song? “Oh it’s raining again”.
I find myself singing it to myself again as I peer out the window after getting out of bed. We breakfast and get ready to battle the rain again. Today is a short ride into Edinburgh to stay with Karon’s cousin April in her lovely home. We set off down the main road out of Penicuik. There’s still a fair bit of traffic but for most of the ride we’re in the bus lane. On the outskirts of Edinburgh we pass a small mobile home park where one of Karon’s aunties live and though we think she may have moved, we call in to say hello. 10 minutes later we’re supping tea, chatting and providing a warm lap (if a little damp) for her two King Charles Spaniels.


The Beast outside our lunch stop in Edinburgh


We manage to find a gap in the showers to take her leave and continue into the heart of the city to Princes Street so Karon can get some essentials from M&S. Then we find somewhere for lunch – lets go Mexican. On account of a very sweet but rather dizzy waitress lunch takes a lot longer than it should but at least we’re dry again by the time we leave.

Karon has found a cycle route that passes very close to April’s house on her iPhone and suggests it’ll be safer than just going down the main road. The route it a little tortuous and takes us down the steep cobbles into Dean Village. Very pretty but it has an equally steep climb out again! After a few more twists and turns we end up at the top of a flight of steps. Some cycle route. We manhandle The Beast down the steps and half cross the road then mount at a red light to get through the rest of a busy junction. Fortunately all the drivers around us are quite tolerant of our antics. At the top of another flight of steps I finally decide to take over and navigate the rest if the route rather than trust the cycle route any more. As it was, we were only a few streets away from April’s.
So, the Beast is locked in the shed, our soggy and smelly stuff has been washed and we’re showered, changed and have enjoyed catching up with April over drinks and cheese n biccies.

Tomorrow we head over the Forth Road Bridge into Fife and up to Kinross, then the day after it’ll be on to the start of the Drumochter Pass – which we’ll have to clear pretty much in one stint as there aren’t really any places along there to stay unroll you get to Dalwhinnie. It’ll be nice if we can squeeze in a trip round the distillery 🙂