Morecambe to Kirby Lonsdale

Short ride today. I meant to book somewhere to stay in Sedbergh but somehow managed to book The Snooty Fox in Kirby Lonsdale, 11 miles closer. No matter. We’re both quite tired so an early finish would be good.
The ride was in two distinct flavours today, the first part being flat and easy and the second quite a bit more strenuous. From our B&B we crossed the road to ride along Morecambe promenade as far as it would go Northwards. Wide, flat, almost empty and with the wind at our back. We ride at a very sedate pace, enjoying the views across the vast expanse of sand to the hills of the Lake District in the distance. When it ran out, we rode a short stretch of path beside the busy road and then turned off to pick up the Lancaster Canal to Carnforth. Maintaining an easy pace, we enjoyed the views as the canal contoured around hillsides overlooking the Morecambe Bay.

At Carnforth we left the canal and were immediately working hard to get The Beast over the hills. It was like being back in the West Country – a hard climb followed by a nice fast descent, again and again. A dozen or so miles into the ride we were flying downhill and whizzed past a farm shop. The word ‘cafe’ caught my eye so I jammed on the brakes and we enjoyed tea and caramel shortcake with the resident pair of Pugs sitting patiently under the table waiting (in vain) for the odd crumb. After half an hour they had given up and fallen asleep, one resting on each of Karon’s feet.


It seemed a shame to disturb them but we are on a mission, so it was back on the bike for the remaining miles into Kirby Lonsdale. We arrived at lunchtime, checked in, showered and changed then had lunch in the bar downstairs. Then we went for a walk around the pretty little town, stopping in the churchyard to paint.


The sunshine promised by the Beeb never materialised and it actually felt distinctly cool in the strong breeze. Time to finish wandering the town, find a cafe for a warm drink then back to our room for a brief kip before dinner.
I can’t see us staying up late tonight. We’re both tired and there are some seriously big hills to get over tomorrow as we ride to Appleby in Westmoreland.