Lejog early thoughts

We’re limiting our mileage so we can enjoy it more. Neither of us want it to become and endurance effort, we want it to be more of a touring holiday. We’re going to take in the Lizard, southerly most point, and Dunnet? Head, northerly most point of mainland UK. It only adds another day. The actual daily cycling is around 38 days with our modest daily target but that may well come down a bit, if the weather is good to us and we’re enjoying being out, and we’re still ok, we can push on and enjoy the riding. If it’s chucking it down and the landlady will let us stay another night, we may well take the odd extra rest day.

I think we’ll be back home inside six weeks.

I’m looking forward to the adventure of it all and have been occupying my evenings plotting different routes up the country and past the obstacles like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and the Lake District. We are also planning the route to take in my sister’s in Cumbria at the romantically named ‘Sleetbeck’ and a friends in Dunscore, Dumfries and Galloway, where, incidentally, the bicycle first came into being. Karon also has a cousin running a B&B up in the highlands, so we will try to include them too, if it’s not too far off our route through Scotland.

My biggest worry is finding somewhere to stay in the far reaches of Scotland. Some legs are 20 odd miles and more with absolutely nothing, then one village with a pub if you’re lucky and then another 20 odd miles of nothingness.

On the routes I have explored so far, there are about three places where we MUST get a room. We did contemplate taking a small tent and sleeping bags etc. but it’s a lot of extra bulk to carry on the off-chance it will be needed. This means there’s a good case for taking a coastal route – more communities.