Heswall to Liverpool

For the first time in our Lejog the weather got the better of us and we took a shortcut. The plan had been to continue along the Wirral Way from Heswall but the air was full of that fine rain that cuts visibility right down and we could see little point in prolonging the soaking we were about to be subjected to, so we headed straight down the main road for Birkenhead and the ferry. The roads were busy so we spent quite a bit of time riding along on the path, whether it was officially a cycle path or not. Sometimes self preservation takes precident over local bylaws.

Liverpool from Birkenhead. We rode straight there from our B&B as it was just too wet to ride the longer and more pleasant route we'd planned.

Liverpool from Birkenhead. We rode straight there from our B&B as it was just too wet to ride the longer and more pleasant route we’d planned.

By the time we got to the ferry terminal we were both pretty damp but dried out a little as we supped hot drinks in the cafe waiting for the next departure. Soon enough the boat turned up and we boarded, leaving the beast parked up out of the way as best we could. The trip across the Mersey outside of commuting times is actually more of a sight seeing trip, with the boat calling in at another terminal before crossing. There’s also a running commentary on what can be seen. Despite the weather, Karon and I headed for the upper deck for the best view through the drizzly gloom across the Mersey to the waterfront, which is impressive.

A short time later we were offloading at the Albert dock and trying to figure out which way our B&B was on Google Maps. It didn’t take too long to find Rita’s Bed & Breakfast on Sheil Road but we were way too early. I’d said we would be there mid afternoon but it was barely midday. Never the less Rita welcomed us in and made us tea. We sat supping our tea and telling her about our ride and the reasons and she kindly returned some of our B&B cost as a donation. And when we asked about a local laundrette Rita took all that needed washing off us, saying we didn’t want to be wasting time sitting in laundrettes! So, after a change of clothes we headed off to Liverpool One, a big new shopping area where I finally got my phone replaced and restored (from the iCloud back-up).

It took a while so Karon spent a couple of hours wandering the shopping area. We had some food then went back to the Apple store to get my phone and, as we came out, the heavens opened again and the rain fell heavily. By the time we eventually found the right bus stop to get us back to Rita’s we were soaked (again).
Tomorrow is a day off the bike to do the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and hopefully meet up with some family who are in the area too. I wonder if it’ll still be raining.