Brampton to Sleetbeck

Another wet start. We togged up and wheeled The Beast out into the rain, mounted up and headed out of Brampton, North towards Lanercost where Hadrian’s Wall passes close to Brampton. We then ran parallel with the wall, or remnants of, Eastwards towards Walton, for a while the rain eased, prompting me to lose the waterproof jacket for a while – I was getting hot anyway. It wasn’t long though before the rain started again, really heavy. The nature of the landscape wasn’t helping either as most of the rivers, and there are quite a few, have deep gullies, so the road drops steeply with a hairpin or two to a little stone bridge then climbs back. These climb outs are usually too steep to cycle, or if you do, they take a lot out of you. Coupled with dealing with the rain, we found it really hard going. The rain just seemed to get heavier as we got nearer to Sleetbeck. A couple of times we stopped under trees to see if it would let up. Nope. So we pushed on and by the time we got to Sleetbeck where my sister lives we were like a pair of drowned rats. Geoff, my brother-in-law, had left the garage open so we rode straight in then took the luggage off the bike under cover. We stripped off and showered and our wet stuff all went into the washing machine. So, only 13 miles but it felt like 30.