Bankfoot to Blair Atholl

This morning it was humid and dry. So, for the first time I think, we started off in short sleeves. The cloud was low and grey but at least there was no rain. As we left the village of Bankfoot, we passed a parked car with a bike on the back. A little while later it passed us and then pulled in up ahead. The driver was acting as support for ‘the 3Gs’, 3 Grahams riding Lejog. We had a chat for a while then took our leave to carry on. The road was quiet and pleasant as it wound it’s way through landscape that was almost alpine, with steep sided high hills and crags looking down on us.

At Dunkeld we took to cycle route 77, which started off ok but soon turned into a track. It was very pleasant, running alongside the River Tay through woodland but there were a few muddy sections that had us sliding. Not good when there’s a steep drop into the river on one side. We passed through the grounds of the Hilton Hotel. Very nice. A little further on we turned off the track and up beside the A9 to double back across a bridge over the Tay then onto a lane that ran along the edge of the valley. By now the sun had burned through the thin misty cloud and we had patches of blue sky and sunshine. The lane climbed and dropped and had us working hard but the views were good and it wasn’t long before we recrossed the Tay into Pitlochry over a narrow, long, bouncy footbridge. We were both ready for lunch and stopped at the first place we came to for lunch. Roast beef for Kaz and a baked tatty with haggis n cheese for me.

Riding through the rest of the touristy town there we’re quite a few people on the street and I felt like they were all watching us and the Beast as we rode up the main street. Out along the main road and we were climbing a 14% gradient for a while then were rewarded with an 8% drop back to the river and then ran along a B road running alongside the A9. It took us into Blair Atholl and on to our hotel. With the Beast away in with the beer kegs we bathed then washed a few bits of riding kit and undies. So our accommodation looks more like a Chinese laundry than a Highlands Hotel room.


Blair Athol