A day off in Liverpool

Breakfasted and togged up in our waterproof jackets we left Rita’s B&B and went round the corner onto the West Derby Road for a bus into the City centre. The Magical Mystery Tour started at the Albert Dock so we headed there. It’s pretty big and we thought we’d kill two birds with one stone by heading for the information office – out of the rain and they’d know where the tour went from. Turned out the information office was the meeting point. We were half an hour early so went next door for a Starbucks.

Roll up, Roll up for the mystery tour. The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away.

Roll up, Roll up for the mystery tour.
The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away.

The tour was ok. Rain on the outside meant steamy windows in the bus but there wasn’t that much to see. The chap doing the commentary was very good though. His presentation was slick, funny and he sounded enthusiastic too. We ventured out now and then to see a house where one of the fab four lived, or to pose next to the gates of Strawberry Fields.

The tour ended just round the corner from the Cavern Club but before we went to toast a bygone era in their old haunt, Karon and I checked out the Hard Day’s Night Hotel.

Liverpool. Karon meets John Lennon.

Liverpool. Karon meets John Lennon.

The Cavern Club was just as I expected and I could easily imagine it being packed and hot with The Beatles in full swing on the tiny stage area, as it would have been 50 years ago.

After we surfaced, we headed back to the dock area and ended up in one of the rather small gondolas on Liverpool’s equivalent of the London Eye. It was pretty blustery and we were swinging around a bit. I don’t do heights but wanted to see the views do put up with the first few minutes of distinct discomfort until I’d accustomed myself to the situation. Even so, each time we approached the ground, I was half hoping it would stop and let us off.

The meeting with relatives didn’t happen. I think, with the bad weather they decided to just go home. So we were at a loose end for the afternoon. We lunched in a Liverpool pub, went to the cinema and finished off the evening at Yo Sushi!