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Our Journey – To read all our posts, in order, go to June 2012 then click on 'older posts' to find our first day's ride.

Penzance to Gweek

Eggs Benedict for brekky. Headed away from our B&B and into town to find a Vodafone Shop in the vain hope they could do something with my iPhone. Backlight doesn’t work after the soaking (inside supposedly waterproof pocket in my Endura top). Map reading is now tricky unless there’s strong sunlight (hint, hint). Redirected to …

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Land’s End

Breakfast was a large bowl of sugar with some porridge in it. Plenty of fuel for the ride out to Land’s End and then back to our starting point. A very wet start to the day! Karon was all togged up in full wet weather gear and gradually turning into boil in the bag as …

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Tadley to Penzance

Despite my concerns that we wouldn’t get the bike onto the train, the journey to Penzance went ok. We cycled out to Mortimer Station and when the local train arrived we went for the end carriage, assuming it wouldn’t matter so much if we blocked the door area with the bike. It did. The guard …

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Loaded up and ready to go

Hase Pino ready to roll

Well, we’re all packed and ready to go. There’s about 50lbs of luggage in the four panniers and saddle bag. We settled on three sets of cycling outfits plus minimal evening wear and one pair of light shoes each. Karon’s medication takes up a fair bit of space and we’ve also got a small watercolour …

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Tandem Club Ride

Tandem Club Ride Took the tandem over to Earley on the western fringes of Reading yesterday to ride with the Thameswey group of the Tandem Club. It was a nice ride – not too far at 27 miles, easy pace and only a few hills with just one being steep enough to make it really …

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Tough ‘training’ rides

On consecutive weekends we rode the ‘Beast’ up in Yorkshire – out from JD Tandems in Gargrave, then the Isle of Wight Randonee. Both were hard days, though Gargrave was a lot easier. We started off with a bunch of other tandems into a very strong headwind and I made the mistake of trying to …

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We’ve still to ride the Hase fully loaded but were are off to Gargrave in North Yorkshire on Friday afternoon so may take the opportunity to try it there. JD Tandems are hosting a social weekend 28th-29th April – some led rides and treasure hunts. I suggested to Karon we pack all our stuff into …

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Route finalised

Bob and Karon's Lejog route

I now have the entire route saved into my iPhone and have plotted it roughly into Google Earth. Penzance, Land’s End, the Lizard, Gweek, Truro, Padstow, Holsworthy, Bideford, Barnstable, Taunton, Bridgewater, Axbridge, Clevedon, Bristol, Thornbury, Gloucester, Tewksbury, Worcester, Stourport-on-Severn, Kidderminster, Bridgenorth, Telford, Whitchurch, Chester, The Wirrel, Birkenhead, Liverpool, Maghull, Southport, Preston, Lancaster, Morecambe, Kirby Lonsdale, …

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All set

So, we’re all set. Blog is set up and working and I copied a few posts across from my ‘normal’ blog to this Lejog blog. We’ve chosen a charity – Arthritis Reseach UK – and we’ve also set up page on the ‘JustGiving’ website – see the link in the list to the left. If …

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Test Ride

Yesterday I fitted the Hase stand and low riders to the tandem and on waking this morning to a glorious blue sky, thought it the perfect opportunity to take it for a test ride. The stand folds up but is still quite low and Karon was worried about cornering. I said I might get that …

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It’s now or never

We are at the crossroads between being able to and not. 18 months ago my hips announced to the rest of my body that they’d done their job. They ached at night, no matter how I positioned myself and while it did not keep me from deep sleep, once awake in the early hours around …

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Lejog early thoughts

We’re limiting our mileage so we can enjoy it more. Neither of us want it to become and endurance effort, we want it to be more of a touring holiday. We’re going to take in the Lizard, southerly most point, and Dunnet? Head, northerly most point of mainland UK. It only adds another day. The …

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Bob and Karon’s Lejog

So Karon and I have decided to do – or attempt – LEJOG. I really wanted to do this before I was 50 but finding the time was the excuse I used for not achieving my wish. Now I’m self-employed, I can take all the time off I want. Karon has wangled her full leave …

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