Arthritis Research UK

When we first decided to attempt Lejog, we hadn’t thought about sponsorship at all. We just wanted to do the ride. But the more we talked about it and the more apparent the challenge became, the more obvious it became that we should try to use this ride to raise money for a charity.

Arthritis in various forms has impacted heavily on our family. Karon has Scleroderma – Systemic Sclerosis, Hannah our daughter has Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis and my sister, Diana has Systemic Lupus. All of these auto-immune disorders are researched by Arthritis Research UK.

Arthritis Research UK is a charity helping to take the pain away for sufferers of all forms of arthritis and helping people to remain active. They fund world class research, provide information and help by campaigning.

So, if you want to support us and donate, please visit our ‘Just Giving’ page. Alternatively, you can donate directly to Arthritis Research UK on their site – though we won’t know you have, so if you go this route please email us to let us know.