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Stills and clips from the trip

Self-running Powerpoint presentation.

Day 1 – to Cedar Valley campsite

Day 2 – to Portsmouth

Day 3 – to Falaise

Day 5 – to Sées

Day 6 – to Bellême

Day 7 – to La Bazoche Gouet

Day 8 – to Cloyes sur le Loir

Day 9 – to Beaugency

Day 10 – rest day in Beaugency

Day 11 – to Jargeau

Day 12 – to Gien

Day 13 – to Cosne sur Loire

Day 14 – to Charité sur Loire

Day 15 – to Decize

Day 16 – to Dompierre sur Besbre

Day 17 – to Paray le Monial

Days 18-23 spent at Paray le Monial waiting for a bike shop to rebuild the back wheel. After 6 days they gave up and we moved on still needing a rear wheel rebuild.

Day 24 – to Écuisses

Day 25 – to Chalon sur Saône

Day 26 – to Uchizy

Day 27 – to Montmerle sur Saône

Day 28 – to Lyon

Days 29-31 spent in Lyon. Wheel rebuilt in an hour by someone who knew what they were doing. Three days to explore the city.

Day 32 – to St Pierre De Boeuf

Day 33 – to Valence

Day 34 – to Montelimar (Ancône)

Day 35 – to St. Nazaire

Days 36 and 37 spent resting. Towards the end of Day 35 I had a bout of sickness bought on by food poisoning. This resulted in rapid dehydration and a trip to A&E in an ambulance. After a few hours on a drip I was fine again, but the doctor said three days rest. (We set off after two, I felt fine and wanted to get moving again.)

Day 38 – to Avignon

Day 39 – to Bellegarde

Day 40 – to Agues Morte

Day 41 – to Fabrègues

Day 42 – to Agde

Day 43 – to Narbonne

Day 44 – to Olonzac

Day 45 – to Carcassonne

Day 46 – to Castenaudary

Day 47 – to Villafranche de Lauragais

Day 48 – to Toulouse

We spent six nights in Toulouse then cycled out to the airport where we had arranged a hire car. We loaded the bike and trailer into the car and drove to Marciac. Spent a week at Marciac at the International Tandem Rally, riding with friends and socialising in the evenings. Then we drove back to the Channel Coast, stopping at Bordeaux and a nice B&B out in the sticks near La Chapelle-Saint-Laurent along the way. We stayed at Luc Sur Mer, north of Caen and dropped the car off at the airport. Spent a couple of days exploring and riding – to Bayeaux – then caught an overnight ferry back to Portsmouth. We took a couple of days to get back home, stopping overnight halfway in a hotel.