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Chicago: Millenium Park. The Chicago sky line reflected in "Cloud Gate" by Anish Kapoor acts as a backdrop.


Cadillac Ranch: Yup, we know the way to Amarillo. I had imagined the cadillacs would still be intact and unabused...


Albuqurque: Looking west from the peaks of the Sandia Mountains. We'd got up there by cable car.


Arizona: Glad of the 4x4, we drove out to the Querino canyon bridge. Others who tried it in MPVs were lucky not to get punctures...we passed a couple of casualties.



Meteor Crater: The Three Amigo's hit the 50,000 year old landmark and accompany the very knowledgeable 'Eduardo' on a hike along the rim.



The Grand Canyon: Probably the catalyst for the whole trip, we detoured to include a tour of one of God's greatest masterpieces.



The Grand Canyon: The sun dips toward the horizon and shadows lengthen.




Las Vegas: Home for two nights, light from the Luxor Hotel probes the heavens.




East Peak: Mount Tamalpais. We look down on San Francisco and the bay area from Marin County.