The vibrant colours and narrow streets with houses stacked up the slopes provide fodder for the artist. We collected at a cafe with a great view out to sea over the roofs of the town. After a coffee we all set off our different ways to find a spot, Ivan totally confident he could find us all wherever we were!
A day out to the coastal town of Tellaro
The roofs of Tellaro
Narrow streets...
get tighter
and tighter
looking back
Walking down to the harbour
The harbour at Tellaro
We chose our spot and got stuck in
My painting. The camera makes it look less steep
An idyllic spot
After painting I went for a wander
While Karon painted
The church at Tellaro
Later I managed a swim...
while Karon painted some more
A later subject..
finished from memory
Later we met back at the cafe
Taken walking back to our transport
My memory of Tellaro
Goodbye Tellaro