Early morning saw Rebecca, Karon and myself the first ones away from Casa Unicorno, Beccie to fly the skies to Greece and Karon and me a train to Sienna. The journey was almost uneventful, the exception being realising we had to change trains after pulling into Empoli – a frantic dash to grab suitcases and get at least halfway out the door before it pulled away agian. We made it and we arrived in Sienna early afternoon. We dumped the bags and set off to find what turned out to be a disappointing lunch, but it was the only meal that was so. Though crowded and busy Siena was charming. We found a few haunts to sit, sip cappuccinos and draw and paint to our hearts content.
Three days in Sienna
Scholarly boar
The charm of Siena
These narrow streets were not without traffic
The Duomo
Duomo tower
Later we were to climb to the top of this
Vivaldi like you’ve never heard it before
Inside the Duomo
Illuminated manuscripts
Wandering the streets
Near our hotel
The view from our room
In the evening we dined in the terrace restaurant...
and watched the sun go down
Next day at the Duomo
Early and quiet
Time to climb for a view
The roof tops of Siena
Later, cappo’s and paint
Karon’s wall...
on paper
One of many, many restaurants
Ristorante San Desiderio
More wandering
The tower del Mangia overlooks Il Compo
On Il Compo...
The result
Karon’s finished painting
Karon’s drawing
Later we find a good vantage point...
and watch from a balcony
As the the jester plays with the crowds
A composite of Il Compo
Il Compo from the balcony
The tower
Siena Tower
A cloudburst has people running to shelter
Now the Duomo is busy
Shame about the cranes and scafold
Dark skies over the tower
Duomo Tower
Heading back to the hotel
Karon explores the shops
Local produce
Backstreet cafe
View from the hotel
Goodbye Siena