Another train journey, made easier through previous experiences. Our hotel is smack in the middle of the tourist area. Once again we dump the bags and head out to explore. Much more crowded than Siena there are huge queues for all the exhibitions and museums, but we are happy just wandering and sketching.
A few days in Florence to round off our holiday
It’s market day so we go looking for handbags!
There are stalls everywhere
The approach to Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio
Piazza della Signoria
Later we head for the Ponte Vecchio
On the Ponte Vecchio
Next day we go back to put it on paper
Karon captures the Ponte Vecchio
Her unfinished picture
I’m tempted to try this in oils
The other side
Florence at night
Near our hotel
In search of the David on the hill...
we walk to the river...
and cross to...
walk the far bank before
climbing the hill
Views of Florence...
The Duomo stands proud
Yet another pic of the PV
A bronze copy of David...
overlooks the city
I did not take this!
From the roof of our hotel
Note the people - and how small they are!
Karon paints the Dome
Karon’s Dome
I settled for the smaller one in the background
Rooftops of Florence
Wandering again
The Duomo
Crowds gather at the Duomo
Sculpture abounds
Doby and Karon
One more shop for handbags
To be fair, she only bought one
and a purse
Goodbye Florence