Egypt - March 2004

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We arrived in Luxor late afternoon, boarded MS Le Scribe and set sail almost immediately. As the sun set over the Western Desert we ate then familiarised ourselves with the boat. Sailing overnight we passed through Esna lock and

  cleared the bridge there before continuing South.
We reached Edfu in the early hours. After breakfast we visited the Temple. We were back on board for lunch and headed upriver again for our next stop – Kom Ombo.

Dusk on our first day

Typical Nile Cruiser

First stop - Edfu

Approaching Edfu Temple from the back

The impressive main entrance Pylon The Temple is dedicated to Horus
It was started in 237BC by Ptolemy III Edfu took some 180 years to complete The temple is Greco-Roman
The Sanctuary of Horus, carved from a single block of granite Our Egyptologist Hamet explains the story of Isis, Osiris and Horus Edfu is the most complete Nile-side Temple
A couple of locals - photographed for free! At one time it was virtually buried The back of Edfu Temple
The tourist bazaar on the approach to the Temple Loads of hassle Edfu bazaar
Calèches lined up down a side street Back on the boat our cleaner had been busy After Edfu we set sail fo Aswan
One of the many fertile islands on the Nile We are not alone on our way to Aswan The sun deck on Le Scribe  with mast down
The pool - which no-one used Typical Nile scenery A glimpse of the desert through the trees
Typical agricultural dwellings Passing a small village As the sun drops we reach Kom Ombo

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