This year was bit bit special for us in several ways. In April Holland made it to 18. In May Hannah cruised through 21 and in June I had yet another birthday and Karon & I celebrated 25 years of marital bliss. This month it’s Karon’s turn for birthdays. April, May, June, July.
We decided to roll all these celebrations into one and have a ‘Birthaversary Party’ and the theme would be movies and musicals, so settle back for a ‘Night with the stars’.
A night with the stars!
The invite...
and inside.
Our Birthaversary cake.
We had one or two posters.
Prof. McGonagall
When Bob met Karon
Dumbledore II
Prof Sprout
Harry I
Buzz Lightyear escorts Audrey Hepburn
Buzz meets up with Bond
Ace Ventura
Pochahontas (or similar) with Frank
Snow White, the Doctor, Princess Jasmin & Zorro
Who y’ gonna call?
Liza, ? (sorry), Seymour Krelborn
Harry poster
Christine (Phantom), Shaun of the Dead
Spidey n Rambo
The Devil...
Shaggy, Daphne, Maria and Indiana
Shaun too, ER, Bond too
Desperately seeking...
Cap’n Jack
Marilyn, Fred n Bond III
Clint, Cap’n Jack II n Prof McGonagall II
Hannibal, Cap’n Jack III & Dr Doolittle
Mr Incredible & the Pink Lady (Grease)
Stars from Star Wars
The Tin Man
Dorothy (and lion)
Tin man and scarecrow
Robin and Harry
Audrey II
Pink lady II and Stars from Grease
Russel & John Malkovitch (Dangerous Liaisons)
camera shy!!! Never!
The sofa team stake their claim
MIB with Clide
Spidey collects autographs
Desperately chatting up Rambo
I am sooo glad it did not rain - til late
Ace ponders
musing spells
The sofa crowd heats up
Buzz raids the sweeties
On Cue!
Bond ponders the quiz
Announcing the quiz and dress winners
And the nominations are...
very later
thanks to all for making our night special!

Download the quiz and answers. quiz.doc picturequiz.doc answers.doc