One of the guys from my old RA regiment suggested that he and a few other ex 27 lads go over to re-visit the garrison town of Lippstadt in Germany where we’d all been stationed at one time or another during the years 1969-1986 while it was occupied by 27 Regiment RA. One or two others asked if they could tag along and before he knew it, the originator had nearly 100 souls heading for the ‘reunion’.

We were planning to go away in September anyway, so I figured we could tag the reunion on to the end of our holiday. It would be good to see some old Army mates again and see the town of Lippstadt – my ‘home’ from early 1973 to late 1978.

A couple of weeks before the date of the reunion, Karon and I took the ferry across from Dover to Calais with the tandem in the back and plans to visit some new places and some I’d not been to for over 30 years.

27 Regiment Royal Artillery reunion