29th July

Failure to check that Google Maps was set to ‘Cycling’ resulted in us being pushed eight miles north for a motorway, which probably added even more to our day in the saddle. At least we were well away from the river, so there was no criss-crossing on multiple ferries like the day before. It also meant a few more contours to cross but overall our initial progress was good despite the unnecessary detour.

Sometime after passing Ede the heavens opened with a vengeance which we both found a bit demoralising. It got to the point where we had to stop for lunch as we were fast running out of steam, but the only shelter we could find was under some large trees in a ‘picnic area’ (said with some reservation) beside the road.

The benches and tables were soaked so we sat on our stools under the thickest foliage we could see and ate our picnic lunch. Karon’s little tub of salad gradually filled with rainwater as she ate – at least her salad was washed!

It had stopped by the time we got to Arnhem so we found a large under-cover seating area outside a popular bar and had a well-earned and welcomed drink before pushing on for Emmerich near the German border.

52.5 miles today, total 145.8

A Canadian Sherman at Ede near Arnhem. Click on the pic for more information about the tank.

The Pino ‘resting’ while we drink coffee and eat stickies inside the garage shop.

Once we’d found our Hotel ‘Pan Am’ in Emmerich we discovered the town was having a festival that night, so the restaurant was closed but the proprietor said if we headed for the waterfront, we would find plenty of places to eat. Once we’d been fed and watered we wandered along to the local riverside park for a free concert from a Dire Straights tribute band. Following that there was a huge half-hour fireworks display on the far bank which was choreographed to contemporary music being played through speakers placed all along the waterfront.