28th July

We left the ‘tower’ after breakfast and followed our hostess’s directions to the nearest supermarket where we took it in turns to stay with the loaded bike and shop for lunch. It was great just standing by the bike watching all the locals come and go on bikes too – very few cars at all. Once lunch was packed away we backtracked past the hotel and picked up the roadside cyclepath to take us to our first ferry crossing.

Once over the river, we ran West through a nature reserve area, along the top of a dyke with the wind at our backs. Rain squalls came and went, but with such big skies, the coming showers were easy to spot.

The map of our route illustrates the meandering nature of the RCR and we began to realise quite early on that following it closely would add considerably to our daily mileages, as it meanders and deviates so much, partly to avoid main roads but also to add picturesque segments. It didn’t take long for us to decide to set Google Maps to the task of finding a cycle friendly route between our stopping points, which was ok, as it often coincided with the RCR anyway, but just missed out the detours.

51.6 miles today, total 93.3 miles

We were tempted to stop and paint here but the regular showers put us off. It was pretty breezy too. There’s always the nagging thought that you have a pre-booked stop waiting ahead for you and you need to make the distance each day, so we made do with a Kit-Kat and then carried on for the Gorinchem ferry.

Our second crossing of the day, with Gorinchem on the far bank. We saw the Swiss lady at right a few times during the morning. She had been cycling back to Switzerland from Sweden, so was well into her trip.

We didn’t see her again after she stopped at Leerdam for a museum, while we pushed on for another ferry and  ‘De Gouden Leeuw’, our bed for the night in Wijk bij Durstede.