HPV Scorpion


HPV Scorpion FS 20 fitted with Bafang Fun8 pedelec 250W motor, 15Ah battery on rear rack.

There’s a lot of cables to fit but all the connections are easy as they will only fit their counterpart. I have since reduced the number of zip ties on the boom. The kits are designed for uprights, so cable lengths are not necessarily suitable for a trike. I had to extend the battery cable as it’s housed on the rear rack. I didn’t take into account the fold of the frame, so may have to revisit the cable layout and modify it to make the trike ‘foldable’ again.

I used bar tape to cover the control cables and make the bars comfortable. On/Off and level selector on the left, thumb throttle on the right.

The battery mount is permanently fitted through the bag onto the rack, but can still slide out for removal and recharging. There’s space either side of the battery for tubes and a lock etc.

Had to take the trike to the LBS to remove the old cranks, but everything else was straightforward.